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Seacoast Artisans Fine Arts and Craft Show

"Presents"   Our 22nd  Holiday Show

Since the creation of Seacoast Artisans 22 years ago, the approach to creating succesful events has remained constant.  A philosophy rarely employed by amateur or professional arts and crafts organizations alike, the approach has been simply to try and create events where all parties involved could reflect after a show and call it successful.  The three groups it involves are the artists and craftsmen or vendors, the visiting public or customers and finally the show organizers or promoters.  If anyone of these groups were largely not pleased with the success of the event then Seacost Artisans deemed it would be unsuccessful and seek remedies to improve the results.

The need to evolve and be flexible with show planning and new creative ideas has never been more necessary than it is today to achieve the goal of a successful show.

An integral part and the ultimate goal of a quality succcessful show truly starts with the creativity and hard work of every vendor.  Whether a food vendor, an artist or a crafter in any one of several dozen media...potters, jewelers, fabric, wood, photography, etc., the process of jurying or selecting quality vendors is paramount!

SeacoastArtisans has always also encouraged young artists who's work is not yet necessarily mature and fully evolved as helping to encourage frest creativity is important to the growth and culture of the arts and craft world.

Seacoast Artisans is historically located at the

Great Bay Community College, Pease Trade Port, Portsmouth, NH

We have Reloacated to 

35 Lafayette Road, North Hampton, NH

November 20th, 2021

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